Tackling Social Isolation Especially During the Pandemic


We all have residents that stay in their apartments and choose not to participate in RSC organized activities. We also know that this type of isolation can lead to an array of health issues. How do we engage residents? The goal of this workshop is to brainstorm ways of enticing residents to get involved in activities and social events, especially during the pandemic. Popular programs such as interactive cooking classes, crafting ideas, gardening, and engaging multi-generational events will be discussed. This presentation will include a review of the statistics about the effect of social isolation on one’s health, a discussion on the difference between isolation and loneliness, and tips on using the internet to assist us in thinking outside of the box to come up with events to engage residents.

Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

Track:  Elderly/Disabled Population, Family & Youth

HUD Category:  Isolation and Older Adults (Recommended) 

Presenter: Becky Arbella

Presenter Bio: Becky Arbella is the SASH Implementation Manager and Community Specialist of Bennington County and Deerfield Valley of Windham County Vermont with Shires Housing. Becky has been with Shires Housing since 2014. First as a SASH (Support And Services at Home) Coordinator in the Deerfield Valley of Southern Vermont and for the past 4 years in her current position as Implementation Manager and Community Specialist. She is passionate about the work that Shires Housing and SASH does. She has been instrumental in securing town funds for Shires Housing.

Becky has presented at the Vermont Housing Conference in 2016, for the Tri State Learning Collaborative on Aging in 2017, NERSC 2019, for SASH earlier in 2018 regarding social isolation and engaging residents and she co presented at NHPHA Fall Forum Team Up, Take Action: Partnering for Health Equity Public Health and Health Care Systems with Shires Housing executive director Stephanie Lane. Becky’s ability to “think outside of the box” has helped her in engaging residents and community members.

Important Exam Information

This course requires you to enter a 4 digit code in the course exam in order to receive credit. The presenter will recite one digit at a time. When you hear the digit, write it down so you have it ready for the course exam.


  1. Identifying isolation vs loneliness.
  2. Identifying strategies to engage residents.
  3. Using technology.