Creating Professional Presentations with Microsoft Power Point


Do you find yourself participating in more video meetings than ever with your colleagues and residents? By learning how to create professional presentations using Microsoft Office PowerPoint you can make these meetings more informational and interesting. During this workshop you will learn how to use smart art graphics, tables, charts, images, and videos. 

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Track: Professional Development

HUD Category: Outcome and Program Evaluation (Required Ongoing), Basics of Documentation (Required Ongoing), Effective Communication (Recommended)

Presenters: Osayi Erhabor, Co-Owner & Technology Specialist and David Veiga, Co-Owner and Educational/Technology Advisor at Steadfast Solutionz 

Presenter Bio: Osayi Erhabor holds a Masters Degree in Engineering Management (Industrial Engineering) from Northeastern University. He also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering Technology, from Northeastern University. He is currently co-owner of Steadfast Solutions, a company he and David Veiga started in 2005.

Important Exam Information 

This course requires you to enter a 4 digit code in the course exam in order to receive credit. The presenter will recite one digit at a time. When you hear the digit, write it down so you have it ready for the course exam.


  1. Learn how to Create Dynamic Interactive Presentations.
  2. Creating charts to graphically analyze your information.
  3. Enhancing the professional look of your presentation.

Additional Information