Capitalizing on Remote Learning Opportunities for Residents and Staff


There is a growing trend towards utilizing remote communication tools, such as Zoom, Teams, and E-learning, computer-based training (CBT), as an alternative means to improve skills and knowledge on complex topics. When we all understand how to best utilize these tools, then these well designed, e-learning can be poignant, informative, impactful, and more inclusive to diverse groups. We will explore what it takes to get the best out of these new learning options and share tips and tricks as well as short & sweet e-learning modules created for RSCs and residents.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Track: Older Adults/Persons with Disabilities, Family & Youth, Supervisory/Management, Professional Development

HUD Category: Effective Communication (Recommended)

Presenter: Loretta Marino Sanford, Founder of UNLEASH

Presenter Bio: Loretta Sanford is a Safety Training Professional with more than 35 years of experience in providing knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to help Communities improve and maintain safety.. She is also a LEGO User Group Ambassador and Founder of UNLEASH, the United Network of LEGO Enthusiasts at Senior Housing.

Important Exam Information 

This course requires you to enter a 4 digit code in the course exam in order to receive credit. The presenter will recite one digit at a time. When you hear the digit, write it down so you have it ready for the course exam.


  1. Describe techniques for capitalizing on remote learning and communication tools.
  2. Evaluate options to determine which tools are best for their scenarios and goals.
  3. Utilize and adapt the resources and guides share in the workshop for their own applications.

Additional Information